Super bono is back, with a higher Cubacel bonus and a new Facebook contest

Super Bono, your favourite Cuban superhero, is back, with greater superpowers designed to help you stay connected to your family and friends in Cuba. We spread some magic on this April promotion and we’ve doubled or almost tripled our Cubacel bonus for international top ups to Cuba. This month, Cubacel bloomed just like Prince Charming […]

5 things Obama did not see or do in Cuba

The entire world talked about President Obama’s historic visit in Cuba. It was indeed historic, since more than 88 years passed since the last visit of an American president. Journalists followed every single step he made on Cuban land, and wrote extended stories about every gesture, word or nod he made. That’s why we know for […]

Easter gift: $3 bonus for longer international calls to Cuba

The Easter bunny knows how good you’ve been throughout the year. That’s why the Easter gift comes earlier for you: on March 24, when offers $3 bonus for all Voice Credit orders above $20. And since all miracles last three days, so does our promotion, because you may benefit from the offer until March […]

Super Bono never gets old

Some things never go out of style, such as the 30 CUC bonus for all international top ups sent to Cubacel mobiles. That’s why Super Bono is back and stays with us from March 14 until March 18. What makes Super Bono’s style special is the joy it brings both to: the sender of the […]

7 fun facts about the Internet+1 bonus about Nauta

  Internet …we can’t live without it anymore. It offers us all the information we need, it keeps us connected to the people we love, sometimes it help us get in touch with old friends. Since it’s such an important part of our life, here are top 7 fun facts about the Internet: The first […]

Amor a las recargas- The serenade

Super Bono is trying to win Celita’s heart with a wonderful serenade. But since these efforts are in vain, he draws her attention with a great offer from 30 CUC bonus for every Cubacel recharge from 20 and 50 CUC.

Special week for Cubans: Facebook contest and Super Bono for Cubacel recharges

This February, Super Bono for Cubacel recharges comes on the 22nd and stays with us until Friday, February 26th. Did you know that waiting for Super Bono can be fun?! Well, it can if you season it with an amazing Facebook contest! Show your love for Cuba. Join us on Facebook and post a photo […]

What makes Cubans fall in love?

Cubans are famous for their power to fight for the people they love, for the sacrifices they make to keep their families happy. But what about the beginning of the love stories?  This Valentine’s Day, we were curious to see what makes you fall in love? The eyes? The lips? A warm heart? Or a witty […]

How to recharge a Nauta account from your mobile phone with

Here is a new opportunity to help your family and friends back home in Cuba: recharge their Nauta accounts, so they can access their email and browse the Internet easily. It sounds great, not only for them, but also for you, because they will be able to: Surf the web and see what’s new out there […]

Magic is in the air

Celita Super Bono always has this powerful feeling that he is surrounded by all sorts of magical creatures that are taking care of the daily chores. He leaves the dirty laundry on the sofa and some sort of invisible fairy comes and picks up the clothes, washes them and then, just like magic, the clothes […]