How are Cuban women really like

HablaCuba---ImageNo worries, we won’t talk about gender equality, because this has been an issue for the humankind for centuries. An issue which, as time goes by, becomes less and less concerning. For instance, here is the situation of women in Cuba, according to Sheffield studies:

Doctors- 51%
Scientists- 53%
Judges- 49%
Politicians- 48%
Union Officials- 50%
Technicians- 66%

So, besides being ambitious, how are Cuban women really like? Powerful, beautiful, smart, with a great sense of humour, demanding, intriguing, enthusiastic, talkative, hard to impress, sensitive and the list may go on for pages…

They are always there when you need them the most!
You’re sick? A Cuban women will always have a cure. Feeling disappointed? Your Cuban girlfriend will always have sometimes to say to make you feel better and regain optimism.

You know they are thinking of you even when you are apart.
And now we are also talking about all those great Cuban women living outside Cuba. The ones who always surprise their loved ones with international top ups, just to let them know they are always on their mind.

They are much stronger than they seem.
Usually, they are fragile and sensitive, but if necessary, they become the strong people facing every obstacle to save the day and make their loved ones happy.

Always ready to make suggestions… requested or not :)
They will tell you openly what they think on different topics and that’s something you must get used to, because feedback is in their genes. That’s the reason they call Cuba so often, even when they live abroad…

Always encouraging people to try different kinds of food. That’s normal, we would say, considering the large diversity and great taste of Cuban cuisine.

We can talk for days about the fascinating Cuban women. But, let’s see what you think! What’s that special characteristic that makes Cuban women unique?

Check out how our soap opera protagonist fits this description:

How are Cuban women really like