Why HablaCuba.com is the best choice for international calls to Cuba

Every 10 minutes, a new customer joins HablaCuba.com. But what convinces them to use our service and not choose another one? We all know there are a dozen of similar providers that offer international calls to Cuba and many other options for Cubacel top ups.

Sweeten your loved ones with Triple Bono and a Facebook contest

Triple Bono is back, full of sweet gifts: up to 160 CUC bonus on international top ups sent to Cuba

What would make you go back home?

Years may have passed since you left Cuba and your current life seems sometimes the only one you’ve experienced.

In the summertime, both you and Super Bono are more than fine

This week we are daydreaming. Are you ready? But wait, first things first, because we know you can’t just forget about your loved ones back home since Cubacel promo will be back.

Long-distance parenting tips to help you stay connected to your kids

Life sometimes takes us many directions, which may lead far away from our home country, from our family and friends

Cubacel bonus is here, to bring a smile

Why are Cuban families special?

For Dad, with love…

Usually, it’s all about moms, about how they sacrifice for their children, how they’d do anything to make their children happy. And it’s all true! But what about dads?

9 Cuban achievements over the years

According to statistics, 90% of the news, both printed, online or television is negative…