You’ve got mail from Cubacel ->> December 10-15

The kind of mail that brings good news! Starting December 10 until December 15, the Cubacel recharges you send to Cuba are boosted thanks to the new Super Bono campaign.

A typical day in Cuba…

Do you remember those days? When you still lived in Cuba with your family and friends by your side, facing all the financial hardships and challenges and still being able to see the best part in life?

Triple Bono will lift you up ->> November 26 – December 1

Did you miss it, did you? Yes, we’re talking about Triple Bono! We did! And we are happy to let you know that on November 26, we are bringing it back…

Thanksgiving… Pro or against celebrating it?

Thanksgiving… If you say that it’s not a Cuban holiday and has no special significance for you, we totally understand! But we also get the fact that being a holiday dedicated to families, you might be…

Cubacel promo coming soon… Are you ready?

Just like the song says, here comes Santa Claus, in this case, Super Bono -> next week, from November 12 until November 17

Top 5 Cuban superstitions

It’s a miracle we made it to adulthood, and maybe the reason you did make it this far is all thanks to some of these superstitions

The Cubacel wave is about to hit! >> October 22 – 27

Did you get bored this week? Without worrying about who to surprise with a Cubacel top up? Even if you did, even if you didn’t, Cubacel announced a new promo starting October 22 and ending October 27. Here are the values of the bonuses you send together with your top up. 20 CUC – Bonus […]

What the entire world should learn from the Cuban cuisine

They say that the best food is the one mom used to cook for us when we were kids, and we totally agree! So let’s talk today about the secrets…

October 8 – 13: Triple bono, triple prizes, triple nostalgia…

We could blame it on the weather, but nostalgia kicked us hard this month… We miss Cuba and everything there: the people, the food, the smells, the feeling you get when walking down the street and meeting an old friend! But we will not give in and we shall fight nostalgia with some great weapons: […]

6 things everyone should know before travelling to Cuba

Cuba’s tourism industry grew 16.2 percent in 2017, when almost 4.7 million visitors came to the island, setting a historic record for Cuba. This year, 5 million people are expected…