Top 5 favorite vacation destinations for Cuban expats

GB, Minutes and SMS bonuses for international top ups to Cuba, on

End of June brings a new promotion for all Cuban expats that are still helping on a regular base their families and friends back home. And to make helping easier, drops the fees for all top ups above 1000 CUP.

Fun things Cuban dads say you can definitely relate to

Scientific facts about friends

Can you imagine this world without any friends? It would be pretty darn boring, and depression would take over our lives.

Top 5 famous Cuban recipes

If you could associate home with one taste, what would it be?

Celebrating Mother’s Day for a whole week, with an awesome bonus

We know Mother’s Day is gone, but we sometimes feel that unexpected gifts are the ones we enjoy the most, right?

3 things about Cuban moms you’ll surely understand

Cuban women are normally brave. And, it’s not a matter of them being competitive and trying to win “the bravest woman” competition, should it be such a thing.

How to be hopeful, no matter what

Sometimes we see the world through cloudy-colored glasses. We’ve all been there, we know how it feels. That’s why we put together a list of tips that show us how to nudge our mind toward the sunny side.

How to enjoy life more…

Do you ever feel that you are constantly waiting for the next big thing to happen and sometimes forget to enjoy everyday life?

Easter games the whole family can enjoy

Even if Easter may have looked different back home in Cuba, it is the perfect time to honor traditions and play fun activities that everyone can participate in.