10 Cuban tracks to add to your Cuba nostalgia playlist

Fun things Cuban dads say you can definitely relate to

Triple Bono from Cubacel and news about Coronavirus in Cuba

One thing is for sure: these are not normal times. There are many memes and jokes that became viral in the past few months saying either that 2020 should be cancelled or that people don’t need to add it to their age, because they really didn’t get the chance to actually live this year

What does your childhood taste like?

Have no fear, Thursday is here and the end of promo near!

So, have some fear if you forgot to send top ups to someone back home in Cuba, who would really need some extra GB to stay connected.

Cuban medical inventions

A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that despite the country’s limited resources, it had created a system that many other countries, including a few developed countries, might envy.

What quarantine habits are worth keeping?

3 things about Cuban moms you’ll surely understand

In Cuba, women are normally courageous. And, it’s not a matter of them being competitive and trying to win “the most courageous woman” competition, should it be such a thing.

What to do inside this weekend, besides enjoying the last day of Triple Bono

Although staying inside is a good way to protect from the coronavirus and to help flatten the curve of daily cases that put pressure on our health care system, it could lead to a lesser evil: boredom and craziness.