What the entire world should learn from the Cuban cuisine

They say that the best food is the one mom used to cook for us when we were kids, and we totally agree! So let’s talk today about the secrets…

October 8 – 13: Triple bono, triple prizes, triple nostalgia…

We could blame it on the weather, but nostalgia kicked us hard this month… We miss Cuba and everything there: the people, the food, the smells, the feeling you get when walking down the street and meeting an old friend! But we will not give in and we shall fight nostalgia with some great weapons: […]

6 things everyone should know before travelling to Cuba

Cuba’s tourism industry grew 16.2 percent in 2017, when almost 4.7 million visitors came to the island, setting a historic record for Cuba. This year, 5 million people are expected…

Last 48 hours: grab your Cubacel Bono

End of September brought a new special Cubacel Bono for you, who are always open to help your loved ones back home in Cuba.

Hats off to this Super Bonus >> September 10-14

Yes, recharging Cubacel mobiles has also become part of our routine, since we can always rely on the monthly Cubacel offer

Eyes peeled for Super Bono >> August 27 – September 1 + 3 jokes bonus

Summer is almost over, but don’t let nostalgia kick in! Super Bono will be back soon with extra bonuses for your international top ups to Cuba.

Triple Bono, triple prizes, triple joy ->> August 13-18

We are used to see “3” all around us since early childhood. So let’s keep the same pattern and announce the new Cubacel offer: 3x BONO for Cubacel recharges sent to Cuba starting August 13 until August 18.

3 things you did not know about Nauta

For Cubans, Nauta is a glimpse of hope, a sign that things change for the better.

7 things that changed after leaving Cuba and moving abroad

New challenges, new people, new experiences you’ve never tried before… This is what lies in front of you when you decide to leave Cuba and move abroad. It’s a road paved with hopes and dreams and although sometimes it’s hard to adapt, most of the times it’s worth every single effort. This is because you […]

Why are Cuban families special?

Cubans have a strong family orientation! They care about each other and always try to be as helpful as possible, not only for the close family, but also for the extended family. The community (neighbourhood, church, school and production cooperative) also serves as something of an extended family, helping to reinforce social values and emotional […]