Tech scams increase in Cuba

Tech-related crimes are beginning to increase in Cuba. According to Havana Times, the police station in the city of Trinidad has received at least one complaint…

Super Bono lost in the jungle? Might be, but it’s coming soon… April 23-28

We like to think of Super Bono, the monthly Cubacel promo, like it’s a generous relative, that hosts large family dinners, tells jokes and makes everyone laugh, while keeping in mind the bigger purpose: bringing families closer together.

Top 5 Must-Have Apps for You

Luckily the digital age old saying, “there’s an app for that!” holds very true for expats, so here is a selection of five apps to help make your life as an expat a bit easier.

You ask, HablaCuba answers…

HablaCuba does its part, by helping you stay in touch with your loved ones back home, and you do your part, by choosing us and staying with us.

9 Cuban achievements over the years

According to statistics, 90% of the news, both printed, online or television is negative. Statistics also say that this happens because that’s what we pay attention to. We have a negativity bias, which is the tendency to give far more attention to negative details than positive ones. We are trying to break this pattern and […]

Easter promos marathon: 2 offers, 2 Facebook contests. Find out more >>

On, this Easter comes bearing gifts both for you and for your family and friends back home.

Top 5 most famous Cuban symbols

Ask anyone in the entire world if he or she wanted to visit Cuba  and you can definitely guess the answer: an enthusiasti

5 reasons why the Cubacel promo starting on March 12 is special

Some numbers are considered magical, some others are dull and boring. 12 might not seem as mysterious as 7 or as controversial as 13, but this March 12 is definitely unique, because it’s the day Cubacel promo starts.

How to set up or cancel Auto Recharge?

Auto Recharge is that magical feature that helps us deal better with forgetting. Why? Because when the Auto Recharge is activated, every time the balance drops below $5, recharges the PIN with the amount specified. So, no need to remember to check the balance or to get angry when the connection is cut, due […]

7 things Cuban expats should not be afraid to try

Moving abroad is disrupting. It changes your daily life, and you usually have to give up all those things that make you feel good at the end of an exhausting day. The first months after you moved abroad may be a bit sad, a bit nostalgic, but when you feel that way, it’s the perfect […]