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Funny stereotypes Cuban immigrants are familiar with

They seem funny now, after all these years, but let’s face it, it hasn’t always been like this. The constant questions about Cuba’s political situation and Cubans’ life in communism…

Childhood games we all remember fondly

Remember the times when we were kids and dreamed of becoming adults? Oh, well, now that “we’re living the dream”, we’re looking back at the kid we used to be and smile nostalgically…

Just say Yes to the new Cubacel promo

To help you with welcoming all the good things coming your way and the amazing opportunities that arrive on your doorstep, here’s a new Cubacel combo that will help you support your loved ones back home in Cuba even more.

Cuba’s interesting obsession with ice-cream

There’s something strange and special about ice cream in Cuba. Despite food shortages, rationing, and a decades-long trade embargo, ice cream has managed to persevere.

2 more days of bonuses? Yes, please

Today is the perfect moment to grab a new opportunity to make your family and friends from Cuba happy. And since the Cubacel bonuses are for two more days only, the best moment to spread joy is now.

Best budget-friendly phones in 2022

If you’re thinking about offering your loved ones a new phone or just getting it for yourself, here are some options that will help you both save money and make you wonder why people spend $1000 or more on a new flagship.

Just to be clear: Triple Recharge is still here. But not for much longer…

TV stations, radio stations, people on social media, friends and family… everybody’s talking about an unfriendly future, about an upcoming crisis, about more and more challenges lying ahead.

Things I wish I knew before leaving Cuba

Although your new life is a living proof that moving abroad was the best decision, there were times when you thought: “Oh, man, if only I knew that.”

The best summer promo: Triple Recharge

The best Cubacel promo of the summer: Triple Recharge. All you have to do is to take advantage of the best Cubacel promo and spread the joy all around.