Last 2 days to grab the bonuses

A new type of promo was launched, offering extra GB your loved ones still living in Cuba need so much to stay connected.

Funny pranks for Cuban grown ups

You don’t have to be a kid to play practical jokes and funny pranks on friends and family members. Adults like to make mischief too, right?

A gift from the heart, on extra GB, mins and texts

Almost every other week, we have the pleasure to host a new promo that offers extra benefits on international top ups sent to Cubacel mobiles. This is one of those weeks.

Fact checking tools and tips

The Internet is everyone’s main source of information. People perform online searches all the time. However, there’a a dark side to this easy access,

Last 48 hours: Triple your Recharges

March brought a new special promo – triple the top up you’re sending to your loved ones back home in Cuba.

Cuban podcasts to keep an eye (and ear) on…

Although only little time has passed since, podcasts have flourished, debating politics, current events, history, entrepreneurship.

With us, Valentine’s Day celebration lasts a week, not a day

Starting February 14 until February 19, mobile recharges sent to Cuba get extra benefits.

Top 7 reasons why we love Cuba

So many reasons to love Cuba and we need to stick to 7? It’s almost impossible, but we’ll do our best and try to choose…

Do customers love us or not?

Our website is listed on, a platform that collects reviews from customers who have genuinely used or interacted with products/services.

Double Balance, last 48 hours… Make sure you didn’t miss anyone! hosts a new Double Balance promo especially for you, the amazing Cuban expats who stay constantly in touch with their families and friends back home in Cuba