Celebrating Cuban mamis: special treats this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while flowers might wilt and chocolates will be eaten, the warmth of a phone call lasts forever—especially when it’s to one of the marvelous Cuban mamis out there.

Unveiling Unbeatable Summer Bonuses: Stay Connected with Cubacel’s Exclusive Hot Deals! ☀️

Thrilled to introduce a range of sizzling Cubacel hot deals designed to keep you seamlessly connected and refreshingly satisfied throughout the sun-soaked season.

It’s almost Christmas! Literally! If you’re a chief procrastinator, just like some of us, you might be looking for gifts for someone on your nice list.

2 more days of bonuses? Yes, please

Today is the perfect moment to grab a new opportunity to make your family and friends from Cuba happy. And since the Cubacel bonuses are for two more days only, the best moment to spread joy is now.

Just to be clear: Triple Recharge is still here. But not for much longer…

TV stations, radio stations, people on social media, friends and family… everybody’s talking about an unfriendly future, about an upcoming crisis, about more and more challenges lying ahead.

Best. Cubacel. Offer. Ever.

We know we said it before, but this one is better! Maybe, just maybe, to help you surprise your mom with an earlier gift, that will help her stay connected either traditionally, through voice calls or using online apps and channels.

What can your loved ones do with 1GB, 2Gb or 3GB you may send extra with Cubacel

ETECSA launched a new promo for international top ups sent to Cuba, with extra GB, minutes and texts. HablaCuba.com hosts this campaign between March 8-13.

Triple Bono from Cubacel and news about Coronavirus in Cuba

One thing is for sure: these are not normal times. There are many memes and jokes that became viral in the past few months saying either that 2020 should be cancelled or that people don’t need to add it to their age, because they really didn’t get the chance to actually live this year

What to do inside this weekend, besides enjoying the last day of Triple Bono

Although staying inside is a good way to protect from the coronavirus and to help flatten the curve of daily cases that put pressure on our health care system, it could lead to a lesser evil: boredom and craziness.