15 awesome Christmas gifts on a budget

Rule of thumb (especially in 2022): Gifts don’t have to be expensive. They just need to be carefully picked, to match the quirkiness of the recipients and make them feel like a million bucks.

Best Thanksgiving movies to watch with your family

The feast is finished, the leftovers have been packed away… If a good movie is more your post-Thanksgiving style, look no further!

Most nostalgic Cuban cartoons

Talking about memories… Remember that time when we spent most of our time playing and watching cartoons?

The best Cubacel promo in history: top ups multiplied by 5

It might not be season yet, but we are introducing what is definitely a magical promo: all top ups sent to Cubacel mobiles between November 4-11 get five times the value recharged.

Cuban music, cure for the soul

In Cuba, music is inseparable from people’s daily life and history. Throughout centuries, the island has produced music that traveled all over the world.

Cuba’s best kept secrets

Just like human beings, every place has its secrets. And when talking about countries, we suddenly miss James Bond and all sorts of spy scenarios come to mind.

What makes Cubans happy? A new promo…

Since the Cubacel bonuses are available again, HablaCuba.com invites all Cuban expats to seize the moment, connect with their favorite Cubans and…

Cuban jokes that will make your day

Sometimes, we run across jokes that just put us instantly in a good mood. They are so funny that we can’t help ourselves from bursting into laughter, despite being all by ourselves at work…

🕑 Ending Soon: the Triple Recharge Offer..

After so many years spent together, we already know your favorite: the triple recharge real. No unicorns there…

Cuba’s appeal for cryptocurrencies

Over the last four years, cryptocurrency use in Cuba has grown from just a handful of people to hundreds of thousands.