How Much Can You Navigate with the New 3G Internet Plans in Cuba?

Now that the 3G Internet has arrived in Cuba, we were wondering how you and your loved back home are dealing with data consumption.

7 fun facts about January

In addition to one of the biggest celebrations the world sees every year, January has many more celebrations, traditions and fun facts:

Top 10 Cubans favourite songs

We did it again! We joined forces and gathered a playlist with the songs that get Cuban parties started.

5 New Year’s resolutions for Cuban expats

It’s the beginning of a new year and a blank new page lies in front of you. If your expat adventure was the subject of a book, what would you do to make this year the climax? The best year ever? The year everybody was waiting for, to see the hero (that is, you) finally […]

Latest news – Santa Bono is coming right on Christmas Eve

We’re sure you have a long Christmas list and that you want to make happy each and every mignon on this list.

All you need to know about Cuba’s 3G

Etecsa rolled out its 3G service to answer pent-up demand, thus entering a new communication era.

You’ve got mail from Cubacel ->> December 10-15

The kind of mail that brings good news! Starting December 10 until December 15, the Cubacel recharges you send to Cuba are boosted thanks to the new Super Bono campaign.

A typical day in Cuba…

Do you remember those days? When you still lived in Cuba with your family and friends by your side, facing all the financial hardships and challenges and still being able to see the best part in life?

Triple Bono will lift you up ->> November 26 – December 1

Did you miss it, did you? Yes, we’re talking about Triple Bono! We did! And we are happy to let you know that on November 26, we are bringing it back…

Thanksgiving… Pro or against celebrating it?

Thanksgiving… If you say that it’s not a Cuban holiday and has no special significance for you, we totally understand! But we also get the fact that being a holiday dedicated to families, you might be…