5 less popular, but incredibly beautiful places in Cuba

Cuba is filled with must-see locations, whether they’re on the highly recommended locations on standard tours of the country or off the beaten path.

5 reasons why the Cubacel promo starting on February 10 is special

Some numbers are considered magical, some others are dull and boring. 12 might not seem as mysterious as 7 or as controversial as 13, but this March 12 is definitely unique, because it’s the day Cubacel promo starts.

Etecsa WiFI or 3G/4G? What to choose?

The Internet has now become a must in everyday life and the same holds true for Cuba, too. Prior to 2015, the Internet in Cuba was practically non-existent, but much has changed since then.

To reserve or not to reserve?!

The answer is simple: NO! There are many telecom companies that are nagging you to reserve a recharge before the promotion starts. But why would you do that?

Traditions only Cuban understand

Growing up Cuban, some traditions make perfect sense, they are part of our lives and never question their origins or how strange they may seem for the others.

How to spend this weekend, while waiting for Super Bono

Puff, the holiday season is already gone. Feels like yesterday we were looking for the perfect presents for our loved ones and the ingredients for the most delicious meals, and now January is here

5 New Year’s resolutions for Cuban expats

It’s the beginning of a new year and a blank new page lies in front of you. If your expat adventure was the subject of a book, what would you do to make this year the climax? The best year ever? The year everybody was waiting for, to see the hero (that is, you) finally […]

Triple Bono for Cubacel recharges sent to Cuba, from HablaCuba.com

The preparations for the holiday season are in full swing. To help Cuban expats cross off their shopping lists some of the gits, HablaCuba.com launches a new “Triple Bono” promo…

7 words only Cubans understand

Black Friday survival kit

That day of the year the shopaholics within us have been waiting for is right upon us. The doors of sales heavens open and we give in to our guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures…