3 reasons to visit Cuba in November

However, for those people lured to Cuba by the promise of sun-kissed beaches, colourful colonial towns and beautiful mountain landscapes, experts say that the best time to visit Cuba is… November! And here is why.

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October ends on a high note, with a Double Cubacel promo for Cuban expats who stay constantly in touch with their families and friends back home.

Fascinating Cuban superstitions

In Cuban culture, avoiding death and the evil eye is almost a full time job. So many things can go wrong that we are sometimes surprised how we made it to adulthood. :D Either we are superstitious or simply choose not to pay too much attention to this sort of beliefs, it’s important to know […]

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Cuba legalizes small and medium-sized companies

Cuba’s government has legalised small and medium-sized private businesses. Under the new rules, enterprises with up to 100 employees will be allowed.

Cuban heritage for the world

According to Adweek.com, on the eve of the first Hispanic Heritage Month in 1968, Hispanics made up between 4–6% of the U.S. population. Today, that number is 18%—or nearly 60 million people…

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To smoothen the connection and keep the conversation going, let us introduce you to the best Cubacel promo ever.

Things you need to know about US-Cuba long-distance relationships

Dating a Cuban… The ride will be full of hurdles, adventure, frustration at times, and a whole load of affection! ‘Cause that’s what Cubans need most: attention and affection, right?

New Mega Oferta for Cubacel recharges

Yes, we know, we’ve become pretty predictable: one week we are running a Cubacel promo, the other we are talking about the upcoming Cubacel promo.

Internet in Cuba and the newest telecommunications regulations

The past few months have been rather difficult for Cubans, both for those living in Cuba and for those abroad, who are worried about their families and friends back home and feel that their power to help is rather limited.