Loading: New Cubacel promo – February 19 – 23

The promo designed to help you show your loved ones how much you love them is scheduled for next week…

7 words only Cubans understand

Cubans brought a special flavour to this world! Their sense of humour, their courage to take challenges, the rhythm they imprint on their everyday life are memorable. Ask your new friends, who are not Cuban, from the countries you moved to and they will only agree with us and even add more beautiful words. This […]

A typical day in Cuba…

Do you remember those days? When you still lived in Cuba with your family and friends by your side, facing all the financial hardships and challenges and still being able to see the best part in life?

Good math: how much is a 20 CUC recharge if multiplied by Super Bono?

Hey, math! Solve your own problems, I’m not a therapist! Joke aside, this Cubacel promotion, starting January 28, challenges you with an interesting promotion…

January 15 – 19>> The new Cubacel bonus!

HablaCuba.com will host a new Cubacel promotion starting January 15 until January 19.

3 less famous Cuban cities that steal travelers’ heart

When most of the people say Cuba, they think of Havana, which is not a bad thing, but we think that there are also so many beautiful Cuban cities…

4 old-school New Year Cuban Superstitions

Growing up Cuban also means traditions and superstitions passed down from one generation to another. Some of them seem now silly…

Triple Bono, the best Christmas gift for Cubacel recharges

To help Cubans who live abroad send nice surprises this Christmas, Cubacel promo has extra-powers this month…

Your loved ones from Cuba can now send you text messages

On December 8, Etecsa authorized Cubans to send text messages to the United States

A Christmas gift to unwrap a little earlier: Voice Credit bonus

Sometimes we feel that Christmas has lost its spiritual meaning, turning into a commercial frenzy, focused more on buying