What type of party person are you?

We know it’s not that type of holiday we’ve been celebrating since we were kids and brings back wonderful memories, but it’s a great opportunity to have fun.

Fantastic trip to Cuba in full Super bono promo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we thought that in full Cubacel promo, we could stop talking and just invite you to an imaginary trip to Cuba.

1 memo: Super Bono June 25-30 + 3 fun facts about forgetting

The promo is valid starting June 25 until June 30. The promotional balance may be used for all services available to prepaid users like domestic and international calls, SMS, MMS, including SMS entumovil and Data (Nauta).

3 health tips for Cuban expats

Adding more motion into your life can bring significant health benefits and reduce the chance of becoming seriously ill.

Father’s Day comes with Super Bono for Cubacel recharges

When it comes to parents, the conversation usually revolves around moms and how amazingly devoted they are. No argument there, but let’s not forget that dads are also half of the reasons why we’re here. :) To celebrate Cuban dads, HablaCuba.com launches a new Cubacel promo. Starting June 11 until June 15, all Cubacel recharges […]

Plan amigos changes & new offer with free calls

In everybody’s life, there are some few special people that drain the mobile balance. It might be mom, who needs to ask so many questions to have a full picture of how your day went, from the first sip of coffee ‘till reaching the dreams land… Or you dad? No, dad always gets straight to […]

HablaCuba goes the extra mile, with extra CUC, minutes and texts for Cubacel recharges

They say:” Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”. And that’s what we did this May, launching the second Cubacel promotion. If you missed the first promo, you now get the opportunity to help your loved ones back home by recharging their mobile phones. And the offer is pretty generous, just take a look at […]

7 crazy facts about Cuba

Cuba is a small island country with a colorful past. It has always enticed people’s imagination, making them picture a land of unicorns smoking Cuban cigars and dancing salsa.

Triple Bono + Contest + 5 reasons why Cuban moms are the best!

Mom, the first person who shows us unconditional love. No matter where life may lead us, her protection will always follow. We’re celebrating this godsent creature this month, by showing her how much we love her. How do we do that here, at HablaCuba.com? With a Cubacel promo, wonderful Facebook contest and a lovely list introducing the reasons why we believe that Cuban moms are the best.

9 things people don’t know about Cuba

We know very well the amazing facts that make Cuba so special not only for us, but in/for the entire world.