Most famous Cuban immigrants and their amazing stories

Many celebrities take pride in their Cuban heritage, sharing their family history and traditions and the way in which they shaped their personal story and who they’ve become.

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Lessons Cubans can teach the entire world

Besides generosity, a lesson you would be able to teach any moment, day or night, your experience as an expat shaped you into this powerful voice and strong personality.

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Clever tips to reduce data usage

Have you ever thought about the hungry apps that are eating up your data allotment? Not kidding, that’s a thing. We put together some tips and tricks that will help you spend more wisely the GB on your plan.

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Tips to help you combat pandemic fatigue

That’s a feeling everyone is struggling with, so it’s important to be kind to ourselves and to look out for each other

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The time for influencers in Cuba

Curious to meet the most famous Cuban Instagrammers, according to Let us introduce you to the young people of the “new revolution”.