Final Call: Get comfortable & send Super Bonuses!

Shh, can you hear it? Yes, it’s the sound of the weekend coming our way. Don’t know about you, but we’ve been waiting for this since… oh, well, Monday!

5 products that will always find their place in the fridge of a Cuban expat

A Cuban who moved abroad will never forget the first time they entered a supermarket and ran across another type of problem than before: not knowing what to choose. Remember that moment?

Do you know somebody who could use a Cubacel recharge?

You probably do! And not one person, but many who need a Cubacel recharge, to help them stay connected to the people who matter most…

Childhood games we all remember fondly

Last 48 hours: grab your more than Triple Bonus

End of July brought a new special Bono – more than triple bonus for you, who are always open to help your loved ones back home in Cuba.

Extra GBs & Minutes on international top ups sent to Cuba this week

These are difficult times for Cuba, for the Cuban people and for all those who left the country and can’t stop thinking about their family and friends back home.

Why is the best choice for international calls to Cuba

Every 10 minutes, a new customer joins But what convinces them to use our service and not choose another one? We all know there are a dozen of similar providers that offer international calls to Cuba and many other options for Cubacel top ups.

The flavors of traditional Cuban cuisine

Cuban food is powerful. They say the right dish can lighten even the tensest situation or can help celebrate the biggest victories.

Did you miss Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered with a Cubacel Bonus

Sometimes days pass by so quickly that we forget even the things that matter to us, such as celebrating dads on Father’s Day. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care or that we love them less.

Fun things Cuban dads say you can definitely relate to