In the vibrant tapestry of Cuban culture, there are certain quirks and traditions that unite us all, no matter where we may be in the world. From the art of “resolviendo” to the love of “cafecito,” these funny Cuban habits add warmth, humor, and a sense of camaraderie to our lives. At, we celebrate these unique customs that connect us to our roots and to each other. Join us as we explore some of the most amusing and endearing Cuban habits that make us smile, laugh, and feel at home.

Cuban time: the joy of fashionable lateness

One of the most iconic Cuban habits is the concept of “Cuban time,” where being fashionably late is not only accepted but expected. Whether it’s a family gathering, a dinner party, or a casual get-together, arriving a little later than planned is all part of the cultural experience. At, we understand the importance of staying connected with loved ones, even if we’re running on “Cuban time.” So, next time you’re waiting for that virtual call to start, embrace the delay with a smile and a sense of humor.

Sobremesa: where conversations never end

After a delicious meal with family and friends, it’s time for “sobremesa” – the cherished tradition of lingering at the table long after the dishes have been cleared. As we sip our coffee or cocktails, we engage in lively conversation, storytelling, and laughter that can last for hours. With, we can extend the “sobremesa” beyond borders, connecting with loved ones across continents and sharing in the joy of togetherness, even if we’re miles apart.

Bargaining and haggling: finding the best deal

In Cuba, bargaining and haggling over prices is not just a pastime – it’s an art form. Whether we’re at the market, in a taxi, or negotiating with a street vendor, we have a knack for getting the best deal possible. At, we apply the same savvy approach to our international calls, ensuring that we always get the most value for our money. With affordable rates and transparent pricing, we can talk for hours without breaking the bank – now that’s a deal worth celebrating!

The love of cafecito: a cup of comfort and connection

No Cuban habit is more beloved than the love of “cafecito” – that rich, aromatic cup of coffee that brings comfort and joy to every moment. Whether it’s a morning ritual, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a late-night indulgence, “cafecito” is more than just a beverage – it’s a symbol of connection, community, and shared experiences. With, we can enjoy our “cafecito” moments with loved ones near and far, savoring the simple pleasures of life and the warmth of our connections.