5 lessons we learned from you, our Facebook fans!

The road to 10,000 Facebook fans has been an amazing journey and we want to thank you for that! Your great loyalty for the people still living in Cuba was a great inspiration for us and supported our efforts to get better by the day. We learned a lot from you, with every single new Facebook contest or Cubacel promotion, with every comment you posted, with every reaction to the news we talked about…You helped us see Cuba through your eyes and realised what an amazing country it really is!

Here are top 5 lessons we, the team of HablaCuba.com learned from you:

  1. Each individual is as strong as his or her family bounds are.
    You always think first about the people back home in Cuba. How do we know that? Because We you call them quite often! According to our statistics, you call Cuba every two days, and despite the fact that the international calls to Cuba are not that cheap, the duration of each call is somewhere around 6 minutes.
  2. Childhood is the best…
    When we are kids we always want to grow up. But when we become adults, we always remember with kindness the great childhood games, friends and all the small things that made us happy.
  3. Family stays strong, no matter the distance that may separate its members
    As we already said, you call home every two days and send top ups at least once a month, when HablaCuba.com hosts Cubacel promotions. Maybe that’s the secret of strong families: showing how much you care about one another.
  4. Cubans have a great sense of humour
    Do you remember the series of posts “You’re a Cuban if…”? You showed us what a great sense of humour Cubans have and how their everyday lives are filled with moments where they see fun and joy.
  5. Cuba is amazingly beautiful
    We know, we’re stating the obvious, but we are just amazed by the beauty of the Cuban natural landscapes. Through the pictures you shared with us, we managed to discover the unexplored beauty of Cuba, both of its nature, and of its people.

    For all these lessons and many more, WE give our thanks to YOU, to all of you, our 10,000 fans!