Special Super Bono week: Facebook contest + 1 free top up + 30 CUC bonus

The eagle has landed! Which eagle? The one carrying 30 CUC bonus for every top up above 20 CUC. Yes, you guessed right, Super bono for Cubacel recharges is back.
The campaign starts June 13 and lasts until June 17. So, you can send international top ups to your family and friends back home in Cuba and we will multiply the amount sent. Thus:

  • for every 20 CUC top up, you actually send 50 CUC.
  • for every 40 CUC top up, the amount sent is 100 CUC
  • for every 60 CUC sent, the receiver enjoys 150 CUC.

You can also let them know that they will receive a top up gift from you through a free text message. With each recharge, we offering customers a free SMS sent to the number you are recharging.

Wait, the list of surprises does not end here, because we launched another Facebook contest with your two Cuban soap opera heroes, Celita and Super Bono. All you need to do is to guess where Super Bono and Celita, are going on vacation. The winner will be randomly selected on June 15. The prize is a free 20 CUC recharge that will benefit from the Super Bono promotion, so the final amount of the prize will be 50 CUC.