How to earn $10 free Voice Credit with Thank You points

When people feel grateful, they say “Thank you!”. And because we are grateful for having you as our customers, we say Thank You too, but in our own way. offers you Thank You points, which can be converted into free Voice Credit.

Briefly, here is what you can do to get Thank You points easily:
1. The easiest way to get free calling credit

Refer us to your friends! But it’s not enough to tell them, you need your friend to open an account using the referral code that you send him/her by email in order for you to earn Thank You points. You can find your referral code in your account. The points will appear in your account only after your friend places his/her first order. You earn 500 Thank you points for each friend who opens an account using your referral code and places an order.
2 friends = 1000 Thank You points
1000 Thank You points = $10 FREE Voice Credit

2. You earn free Voice Credit without even knowing…

You’re sending international mobile recharges almost on a monthly basis (by the way, this month’s Cubacel promotion is close). This means that you get 2% of your order value as Thank You points. That’s 20 points for every $10 you order. Once you reach 1000 points, convert them into $10 Voice Credit and call Cuba for free!

We know how much you miss your family and friends back home and how much just hearing their voice can mean…. So, check how many Thank You points you have in your account. Although they never expire, maybe you already have more than 1000, which means you can already convert them.
To check your Thank You points balance >> log in to your online account >> click on My Information.