How Internet access in Cuba changed over the last few years

In Havana it’s now common to see entire families on the sidewalks talking to relatives abroad or young people sitting in parks or plazas until the early morning hours, surfing the Internet. That’s because the last 3 years witnessed a significant improvement of Cubans’ access to the Internet. It’s true that the penetration rate is still low, but the increase rate is steady.

Cubans now have the opportunity to see what’s new in the whole world and get in touch in a more personal way with their loved ones who have left Cuba, due to mobile apps such as KeepCalling.
If a few years back there were no more than  35 hotspots in Cubanow the number of places where Cubans can get connected to the Internet is over 100. Here is a list of all the public places with hotspots in Cuba:

But as we all know, internet access is not free and this is where the Cuban strong bound between family members and friends comes in. Most often, Cubans living abroad help their loved ones back home get connected by recharging their Nauta account. Many of you already know the drill, because you are constantly making sure your family and friends are able to access the Internet.

If you are not familiar with the process, here is what you need to do:

  1. Find out the Nauta email of the person you want to help get online. It should look like or
  2. Once you have the email, go to mobile recharge page.
  3. Select Nauta and then the amount you want to send
  4. Confirm your order and wait! They will get in touch with you shortly to say thanks and to let you know what’s new back in Cuba.

Y como nada se compara a la alegría de mantenerse conectado con su familia y amigos en Cuba…