Questions, curiosities about products and services? We put together a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) you, our beloved customers, ask…

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I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

On the login page click Forgot password, enter the email registered in your account and click Retrieve. You will receive a link in your email inbox. Click the link to change your password. If you cannot remember the email address registered in your account, please contact us.

How do I check my Order History?

You can check your orders by logging in to your account on our website.

How can I recharge a Nauta account?

To recharge a Nauta account, you need to visit the Mobile Recharge page and select Nauta. Then enter the email address associated to your friend’s account and choose the amount you want to send. Tick the Send SMS box, enter your friend’s mobile number, and type in a message if you want let them know you recharged their Internet account.

Where can I find my invoice?

Log into your online account, and go to the “Activity” tab. Next, tap on “Orders” and look for the order you’re interested in. On the same line, tap on “View” to check your invoice details.

If you need to check older transactions, please hit “More” below your list of orders to have the whole list displayed.

What is a Pending transaction?

A “Pending” transaction is any transaction waiting to be processed. On your credit card statement it may appear as a pending debit and this will turn to a full debit as soon as your order changes from “Pending” to “Successful”. If your order does not change to “Successful”, then the pending debit will automatically disappear from your credit card statement. You are only charged for “Successful” orders.

What is Mobile Recharge?

Mobile Recharge is a service that allows you to send credit to any mobile phone in the world. It is fast, simple and reliable!

How long does it take for the mobile recharge to arrive?

The Mobile Recharge credit is normally received immediately after a successful purchase.
However, on rare occasions, if the mobile operator of the prepaid number you selected to recharge is experiencing delays, then the Mobile Recharge could take up to 12 hours.

Note that the operator will not always send an SMS to the recipient to advise of the top up and so if, after 12 hours the Mobile Recharge has not been received, then the recipient should get in touch directly with the mobile operator directly to confirm their balance.
The contact information for the operator is listed on the invoice, available in your account. Alternatively, you can let us know after 24 hours, so that we can contact the operator for you.

Can I ask for my money back?

We offer 100% guarantee. However, our products are subject to Terms and Conditions and we will offer a refund only if the service did not work.

How can I edit my personal information?

Log in to your account with your email and password, go to “My Information,” click “Change” to edit your Personal Details and then click Save.