Friday already??? Or Friday already!!! Either you feel that this week has passed in the blink of an eye (like the entire “marvelous” 2020) or that it brought so many challenges that the upcoming weekend is bliss, we hope you are all safe and grateful for yet another week with your loved ones healthy and happy. This year (we stick to “marvelous”) has more downs than ups, but it has taught us many lessons we wish we knew before the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of them, but we warmly invite you to share your own insights:

Taking things for granted

How many times did we wake up, before the pandemic, thanking God for being healthy? Or that our loved ones are safe? Almost never. We were caught in a routine that was leaving no time for being grateful for what we have. For our sometimes annoying families, that would do anything for our happiness. For spending time with our friends, over a nice dinner. For a weekend getaway… We should all learn to value the small things, such as talking to family and friends, something we are all doing now, but often gets neglected in everyday life.

Stop worrying, start living

Coronavirus makes us feel that the rules are changing. We are all worried about our loved ones, the economy, about jobs… But when the rules change, everyone starts at the same place. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how tall you are, even how rich you are. And your age definitely does not matter. We will all face the same challenges and need to adapt to a new normal because most probably things won’t be the same even after mass vaccination. So stop worrying about what might happen and enjoy every moment.

Life starts now

Not tomorrow, not when you graduate, not when you find your soulmate and get married, not after you have kids or later on, when they move out. How many times have you decided to save instead of spending the money on some trip or experience you wanted? How many times did you postpone your visit back to Cuba, to save money for a new house project? Yes, we felt that we were mastering time and the power to shape the future just the way we want. Then Coronavirus happened and brought us back on earth, realizing that we need to set our priorities straight and that family should be top of the list. And since we’re talking about families, we should mention that this is a Cubacel promo week and until Saturday, September 12, you can send your loved ones back home in Cuba international mobile recharges with extra bonuses: