Curious to see who’s on Cubans’ Christmas list?

Throughout the year, Cubans worldwide have always showed their generosity and how much they love their family and friends living in Cuba. So, why would Christmas be different? Well, it isn’t! We’ve asked Cubans for whom they will be playing Santa this year and guess who was on the top of the list? Family! Because that’s what Christmas is all about: bringing families together, no matter how far away from each other they may be!

Your words are worth 100 explanations, so here are some thoughts shared on our Facebook page:

I will play Santa for my family in Cuba, especially for my mother to whom I owe my life and granddaughter Sofia, who is patiently waiting for my return. And I wish to my people who I miss so much during these days of celebration, a new year filled with health and prosperity.


Love of my life for over a year … I can not wait to be with you again. I wish we could be together for Christmas, Erick Molina Utra

I will play Santa to my precious daughter Laura who is in Cuba, kilometres away from her mummy, who works in Angola.

For all my brothers.

For my niece, who is in Miami.

For my daughter, Lissy.

Your Christmas list is long, so we’ve noticed, which confirms, once again, how tight Cuban family relationships are. So why don’t you give them a call, to see what’s new?!