Puff, the holiday season is already gone. Feels like yesterday we were looking for the perfect presents for our loved ones and the ingredients for the most delicious meals, and now January is here. Experts say that this is the most depressing month of the year and who are we to state the opposite. Christmas and New Year are gone, and the next holidays or days off seam so far into the future, like galaxies away! Let’s dust off this sadness and make the best of next weekend while waiting for Super Bono that starts on Monday, January 13 and stays until January 19.

By the way, this promo offers the following bonuses:

Call your friends over

The best antidote to sadness is a cheerful crowd. So call your friends over and see how their first work week in January looked like or just watch a movie together. The Golden Globes just chose their winners, maybe you can start your research from there.

Get Sporty!

We don’t know about you, but after the holidays our beach bodies are, let’s say well hidden, It’s like playing hide and seek and the beach body definitely won, finding a good place to hide for a couple of months at least. On the other hand, not everyone will be able to carry their legs around a football field for 90 minutes on a Sunday morning, but if you can do a little physical activity, you will feel great and get good health benefits.

Sleep debt, yup, that’s a thing!

If sleep were a credit card company, many of us would be in deep trouble, right? In a study conducted by the University of Chicago, a group of student volunteers actually tested the theory of sleep debt and recovery for 6+ days.
During the first six days of the experiment, the students received only 4 hours of sleep per night. In that time, those students experienced changes like high blood pressure to a reduction in antibodies leading to a lowered immune system. All of these effects, however, were reversed when the students were finally able to catch up on the missed sleep.
The weekends are a great time to catch up on your sleep debt if you’re in desperate need.

And these are just some suggestions, but the list is open. What’s you plan for the weekend?