5 New Year’s resolutions for Cuban expats

It’s the beginning of a new year and a blank new page lies in front of you. If your expat adventure was the subject of a book, what would you do to make this year the climax? The best year ever? The year everybody was waiting for, to see the hero (that is, you) finally getting what he or she wants after years of struggle? Here are some suggestions for you, our Cuban expat hero, to make the best of 2020:

Improve your language skills
There are plenty of good reasons to improve your language skills: it will help your career, you’ll be able to make small talk and plenty of new friends. Plus, you’ll handle more easily all the bureaucratic processes you’re facing as an expat.

See more of the country you’re currently living in.
We’re sure that the country where you moved has plenty of treasures to explore: great cities, breathtaking mountains or secluded beaches… You’re missing out if you spend your time confined to one town.

Meet new people
For expats, networking is the key! By meeting new people, either locals, or expats just like yourself, you get the opportunity to share your worries or challenges you’re facing. And sometimes the solutions reveal by themselves!

Try that weird dish you refused to try.
Give up for a few days the Moros y cristianos and spiced pork chops or vaca frita and try local food. They say the true way to a local’s heart is through their speciality dishes, no matter how bizarre they may be to your tastebuds.

Keep in touch
When living abroad, it’s easy to forget just how quickly time passes. As a result, what feels like a quick few days can in reality be a very slow week for your parents, family members, friends or siblings waiting patiently by their phone to hear your voice once more.
Since the last resolution seems the easier, you can start with this one:

Puesto que la última resolución parece más fácil, puede empezar con ésta: