The preparations for the holiday season are in full swing. To help Cuban expats cross off their shopping lists some of the gits, launches a new “Triple Bono” promo, that triples the value of the top ups they send to their families and friends back home in Cuba. hosts a new Cubacel promotion next week. Starting December 9 until December 14, recharges between 20-80 CUC get a boost, as follows:

  • 20 CUC sent = 60 CUC received
  • 30 CUC sent = 90 CUC received
  • 40 CUC sent = 120 CUC received
  • 50 CUC sent = 150 CUC received
  • 60 CUC sent = 180 CUC received
  • 80 CUC sent = 240 CUC received

But Cubacel has set in place some restrictrictions when it comes to how to use the amount, differentiating between the main balance and the bonus – Bono Dinero. For starters, the bonus expires on January 2, almost the same time 2019 expires, whereas the main balance keeps the same validity as previous promos, that is 330 days from the recharge date. In addition to this, the Cubans who receive the top up should also pay attention to the way they want to spend the money wisely, because they can use the amount received both to purchase 3G packages, in case they have a compatible device, and talk and text in Cuba and abroad.

The entire amount (main balance and Bono Dinero) can be used for:

  • National and international calls
  • National and international texts (including SMS entumóvil)

ONLY THE MAIN BALANCE transferred can be used for purchasing 3G plans:

  • 400 MB for 5 CUC
  • 600 MB for 7 CUC
  • 1 GB for 10 CUC
  • 2.5 GB for 20 CUC
  • 4 GB for 30 CUC