$3 bonus to make mom smile on Mother’s Day

A mother’s love never loses its power! This goes for a son’s or a daughter’s love, as well! You prove that with every single international call home or mobile recharge you send to Cuba.

But Mother’s Day is just that perfect opportunity to tell mom “I love you!” And what better way to do that when you live abroad than by staying longer on the line? As usual, HablaCuba.com is here to help: $3 bonus on Voice Credit orders of minimum $20 placed before May 5th.

So, get your bonus and don’t forget to call mom on Mother’s Day! It’s enough to ask her “What’s new?” and you’ll immediately find out everything about family, neighbours, friends back home in Cuba. Why? Because she loves to talk about all those little things that make you feel like home again, no matter how far away from Cuba you are.

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that make you miss Cuba more, but you can enjoy this easy cure that heals homesickness: international calls. They are very easy and affordable when using HablaCuba.com, because you can place your calls:

  • From any landline, mobile or even payphone in the world, through local or toll free access numbers.
  • Through the app called KeepCalling, which is free to download.
  • From any PC with Internet connection, through the Web Call app available in customers’ accounts.

The rate for international calls to Cuba is 69.9 ¢/min, both for landlines and mobiles and the cost of a text message is 7 ¢. There are no hidden fees and the balance you buy online for calls to Cuba never expires. So, why wait?