We all love apps! Many of them make our lives easier, helping us call our loved ones easier and cheaper, such as KeepCalling app, or better plan our days or track our physical activity, or even play and relax. So, very useful, right? What about those unbelievably funny apps we never use, being so incredibly pointless?

Here is top 5 useless, but funny apps some creative minds have pictured to get us in a good mood.

 Sleep sheep
Yes, it does exactly what you think it does: counts sheep on your behalf, so you can fall asleep easier. The idea of counting sheep is to focus your mind on a single task, rather than thinking about different things that keeps you alert and awake. But the app misses this point, since it counts on your behalf and what you actually get is a really boring graphic of sheep jumping over a fence.

 I am rich
All this app does is to display a red gem on the screen, making sure everyone around you knows you are rich (and weird). What is even more weird is that when it was launched, it cost $1000 and eight people actually bought it. They must have been really rich, though…

We know, men sometimes get nervous when they are about to propose. But really? Using an app to propose? That’s just tacky… We’d say this is the best choice for men who want a broken phone and would rather have their soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend do it.

99 bottles
Yes, this app plays out the entire 99 bottles song from start to finish in a robot-like voice. What happens at the end? Nobody knows, since nobody even got to 80.

Wanna stay fit? This is exactly the app you need. It will humiliate you publicly in case you fail to exercise regularly. According to its founders, the app was born as the result of the many “get-back-in-shape” New Year’s resolutions.

Plus the bonus we promised… the USEFUL APP!
After 5 useless and mostly funny app, here is one useful app, that is also fun, since it helps you get in touch with the people you miss:  KeepCalling app, designed precisely for people that left their mother country and want to keep a close relationship with their family and friends back home. The app is free to download and allows you to log in with your registered email & HablaCuba PIN. And you’re instantly connected to Cuba.