Human memory works nothing like a computer, so we forget. So what? It’s only natural… But what if we forgot to top up our family’s mobiles last Cubacel promo? No worries, we got you covered: Super Bono is back, as generous as usual:

The promo is valid starting October 14 until October 19. The promotional balance may be used for all services available to prepaid users like domestic and international calls, SMS, MMS, including SMS entumovil and Data (Nauta). 

Special bonus: 3 fun facts about forgetting

Sleep is important to memory.  Although scientists don’t know exactly how it affects the brain, it has been shown that sleep aids storage and retrieval of long-term memories.

Scientific research has shown that the human brain starts remembering things from the womb—memory begins to work 20 weeks after conception.

Many people associate memory loss with aging.  However, the memory loss we see the older we get is generally because we tend to exercise our brains less as we age.

So don’t forget: Cubacel promo, October 14-19…