Thousands of pages have been written about Cubans’ appetite for talks. Yes, Cubans are talkative, everybody knows this. But wisdom must be spread around and our sense of humor must be shared, together with our optimism and super power to always see the bright side of life.
In a perfect world, we would still be talkative after leaving Cuba and would spend hours on end talking to our family and friends back home. In a perfect world, where money means no concern. In this imperfect world, money is a real challenge we are dealing with every single day, but still, we have at least 2 cheaper options to call Cuba, using’s monthly plans.

2 pocket friendly monthly plans, at your service offers 2 monthly plans: a new, fresh out of the over, that includes 50 calling minutes, and another one you probably know by now, offering 90 calling minutes.

For Cuba 50, including 50 calling minutes, the cost is 29.95 USD/month, which means 59.9¢/min, whereas for Cuba 90 the cost of a minute is only 55.5¢/min, because the 49.99 USD/month plan included 90 calling minutes.

You can call both landlines and mobiles, at any time, day or night.

Curious to see the benefits of a Monthly Plan? Here there are:

  • More minutes for less.

  • No contract.

  • You can cancel it anytime.

  • Renews automatically every 30 days.

  • You can renew it anytime.

Plus if you change your plan, any remaining balance will roll over for the next billing cycle.

How can you call Cuba using

Techy or not, you can call Cuba anytime you want and enjoy clear crystal clear calls and stable connections. With, you can place your calls:
From any landline, mobile or even payphone in the world, through access numbers.
Through the smartphone app called KeepCalling, available for iOS and Android.