It’s Friday, finally! Our favourite day of the week is here. Blink, and Monday comes! To make the blink feel that it lasts longer, we thought about some fun things to do, for which you don’t need to break the bank. Either you’re an active person or a fan of the lazy weekends, we have something for each of you.

Visit friends or have friends come over

Nothing compares to spending time with your friends, right? Happy night, spread with jokes and laughter, over a beer or a glass of wine! Or maybe watching the last season of your favourite series! Or just catching up, because time flies during the week and sometimes you hardly talk to each other. Or all of the above…

Walk, run, jog, hike, bike…

You name it! Any sports-related activity, that will make you leave the house and do something good for your health. It’s the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and come up with fresh ideas. In an interview for Forbes, Executive coach Dale Kurow says that: “I know an owner of a PR firm who takes walks in the park with his dog to spark ideas about how to pitch a new client, or what angle to take with the press for a story.” Try it, who knows what a breath of fresh air may bring.

Get some rest for the upcoming week

It’s always a great idea to spend your weekend catching up with your sleep so that you are properly rested to make it through the next week, especially if you work long hours and then get home and have dinner ready for the entire family and maybe clean the house, not to hurt yourself by stepping on the many toys left randomly on the floor. Yes, “me time”= “sleep time” sometimes, and you should not feel sorry for that!

BYOE! Say what?

Yes, suggests that a good idea for the weekend is to throw a Bring Your Own Everything party. Guests are encouraged to bring any drink or food they like and want to share. This way you may gather a larger group and not worry about everyone’s preferences or spend exhausting long hours in the kitchen.

Send your loved ones back home a Super Bono

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