Top 5 Cuban superstitions


Growing up Cuban, you were always made aware of all the evil and dark forces out there in the world, right? It’s a miracle we made it to adulthood, and maybe the reason you did make it this far is all thanks to some of these superstitions. Who knows?

We put together a list of the most common Cuban superstitions, but the list stays open, you are always welcomed to share your opinion:

Do not bring home those sea shells!
If you managed to survive your early childhood, the rest of your life is still full of landmines to be avoided. Think of a simple pleasure like maybe collecting sea shells at the beach. THINK AGAIN. A bucket full of shells is bad luck. Don’t ask why. They never had a good ‘why.’ You probably spent the better half of a day at the beach collecting shells only to have your mom or your ever-vigilant abuela make sure they didn’t find their way back home with you. “Mala suerte,” they would cryptically say. (Bad luck.) Don’t even think about trying this.


Cleaning the house with hot water brings bad things into your life.
Don’t make the mistake of cleaning the house with hot water, in fact, clean your house with ice cold water to neutralize your environment. Hot water just brings muchisimos problemas (a lot of problems)

On New Year’s Eve, lentils equal a bigger bank account.
Having a bowl of lentils equals making mucho dinero in the new year, according to Cubans. They whip up giant pots on New Year’s Eve and invite the entire family to stop by.

Purse on the floor? You’re gonna be poor
As far as Cubans are concerned, the quickest way to become penniless is to put your purse or handbag on the floor. Whether it’s true or not, we’re not going to take our chances.