Super Bono, the cure for homesickness

August is a nostalgic month, when we invite you celebrate all the things you miss about Cuba. The process is not a sad one, because the memories make people value more their families, their friends, the bonds that are still strong, despite the distance. also offers you a special cure for homesickness: sending international top ups, which are more than doubled thanks to the Cubacel promotion.

The promotion starts on August 8th and is valid until August 12. This month, the promotion is very attractive, as it offers you a maximum bonus of 90 CUC. Every recharge between 20 CUC and 60 CUC will be rewarded with a Super Bono, as follows:

Plus, this would be a great time to check your Thank You points. For every order you place you get 2% of the value in points, and as soon as you reached 1000 you can convert them into free calling credit to call all you relatives in Cuba. Check your points in your online account >> My Information page.

See also what our Cuban heroes, Super Bono and Celita, miss the most about Cuba in our new episode from Amor a las recargas.