Top 9 reasons why you should not reserve your Cubacel recharge

There are many telecom companies that are nagging you to reserve a recharge before the promotion starts. But why would you do that? Do you pay for your sandwich today and get it next Monday? So why should things be different with the Cubacel recharges?

Here are top 9 reasons not to reserve your Cubacel recharge and wait for promotion, which starts this Monday, August 8th.

  1. You may win the lottery this weekend and get back to Cuba, so you’d better reserve a flight instead.
  2. Your grandma says it brings bad luck to buy stuff in advance.
  3. The horoscope says that Venus squares Uranus, planet of surprise and bankruptcy, so you shouldn’t spend money today.
  4. You only get paid on Monday and you want to wait to send a higher top up amount to your mother-in-law.
  5. You don’t want to stay in the front row because the air conditioner is too cold…;)
  6. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, leave for the last day cause maybe it’s not necessary anymore ;)
  7. Your family may lose their mobile. It’s a long way until Monday!
  8. You do enough planning & programming at work.
  9. You’d rather enjoy a Cuba libre tonight and enter the Facebook contest hosted by to win a free top-up.So, don’t reserve your Cubacel recharge today, win one instead!