Nauta hotspots in Cuba

Cubans’ appetite for the internet is getting bigger by the day! Of course it does, when the access  to internet means access to a whole new world of information, of knowledge and, direct, easy interaction with their loved ones which are now miles away from home. Yes, with you, more precisely :)

Many of you already know this and you recharge your loved ones’ Nauta accounts regularly. But, if you didn’t know that you can help them stay online, here is what you need to do to share the joy of being connected:

  1. Find out their Nauta email. It should look like or
  2. Once you have the email, go to mobile recharge page.
  3. Select Nauta and then the amount you want to send
  4. Confirm your order and wait! They will get in touch with you shortly to say thanks and to let you know what’s new back in Cuba.

And the great news is that the number of Nauta hotspots is constantly increasing. According to Etecsa website, there are 175 hotspots in Cuba, 28 of them being in Havana. Although this is not that much and the access to internet is still a luxury for the common people from Cuba, the recharges you send them make a difference. In the glimpse of an eye, they will discover a new world, eye-opening and exciting at the same time.

Things are changing in Cuba, so help your loved ones adapt faster to the present and the challenges of the upcoming future.