7 things Cuban expats should not be afraid to try

Moving abroad is disrupting. It changes your daily life, and you usually have to give up all those things that make you feel good at the end of an exhausting day. The first months after you moved abroad may be a bit sad, a bit nostalgic, but when you feel that way, it’s the perfect moment to take new challenges. HablaCuba.com drew a list of the things Cuban expats should not be afraid to try when living away from Cuba:

1. Meeting new people
We know that you miss your close friends you left back home in Cuba, but you can call them as often as you’d like. So, why say no to meeting new people? You can spend time both with expats, who share the same experiences and understand you best, or with locals, who can help you adapt faster to the peculiarities of the new country.

2. Taking risks
The only things you should be afraid of.. regrets. So, take risks, try new things and see where this leads you.

3. Tracking the expenses 
Money… It’s that sort of relationship when you need to know everything about the other one. :) So, track the expenses, so you don’t get any surprises.

4. Continuing your favourite hobbies
Whether it’s running, playing music or exercising, find a way to include what you love into your new life. Something that stays still in the middle of the changing landscape offers comfort and the strength to pursue your dreams.

5. Set expectations
But be careful, they should be realistic! Don’t expect people to like you just because you were brave enough to leave your home country, because you are not the only one doing that. Feel grateful for finding a faster route to get to work or for the new friends you make, feel grateful for all those little things that make you feel more at home.

6. Celebrate new holidays, besides the Cuban fiestas.
Being an expat is an enriching experience. New country, new holidays! Celebrate with your new friends their special holidays and get a glimpse into their customs. But never forget your traditions. Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you have to give up the traditions you love. Host a traditional dinner and tell your friends more about how you celebrate these special days at home.

7. Staying in touch with family and old friends
You will always miss them and they will always miss you, but you will always rely on each other. So, make time to call them regularly or send them small presents whenever you can, such as international top ups. And if you follow our Facebook page, you’ll be the first to find out about Cubacel promotions, when you can send them double or even triple bono