Your Easter gift is here: 10% longer international calls to Cuba!

Easter spreads magic and joy all around, reviving hope and bringing people together. It’s a tradition that makes us meditate on what matters the most, after all the noise of our day-to-day activities slows down. It’s also a tradition that makes families bond stronger. That’s why our Easter gift for you is one that will help you spend more time with your loved ones, in the easiest way possible: 10% bonus on your international calls to Cuba.


What does that mean?

It means that for every Voice Credit order of minimum $15, you’ll receive 10% bonus. For instance, if you place a $15 order, you’ll get extra $1.5. If you place a $50 order, your Easter gift will be $5.


When can you get your Easter gift?

You have 3 days to get your 10% bonus. The offer starts on March 31st and ends on April 2nd. And you may use the extra calling minutes whenever you want: before Easter, just to see how everybody’s doing on Easter and to wish them all Happy Easter! Any moment is a good moment to get in touch with the people you care about.

Happier Easter? Mission accomplished!

We know what every call made to Cuba means for you and for your family. We also know that visiting is not always possible, as it means a great financial and time effort. That’s why we took this mission and made things easier: calling is always a quick and affordable option to stay in touch with your loved ones. And we also hope that our Easter bonus, which means longer calls to Cuba, will make Easter happier, both for you and for the special people back home!


Remember, calling Cuba is easier than ever! You can call:

  1. Directly from your smartphone with our FREE app for iOS & Android
  2. From any landline, mobile or payphone with our Access Numbers
  3. From your PC through internet with our Web Call desktop app.