5 tips to make the best of your expat experience

Moving and living abroad may be pretty time-consuming. Sometimes, the job and adjusting to a new life leave no room for anything else. So, in order to enrich your experience and make your free time unforgettable here are our suggestions:


1. Travel

We know this sounds strange, as you have already travelled miles to get where you are, but every time you get the chance, take short trips to explore the surroundings. These may be short walks or weekend getaways, the duration is not of the essence, the benefits might be the same: good mood and newly reached enthusiasm.


2. Try not to spend time alone

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But meeting new people, making new friends actually is the best fix for homesickness. You may join Cuban expat communities, gathering people in the same boat. Or meet new people, from local communities. Either way, be open to making new friends! You may be surprised to find yourself spending the best time of your life with them!

3. Face new challenges

How many times did you say that you want to learn how to play the guitar? Or that you want to go skydiving? Or to run the marathon? Ok, not necessarily that, but we’re sure you always wanted to do something for yourself and never found time to do it. So, now it’s the time!


4. Get caught in your to do list

Take painting classes, cooking courses, karate classes… Or have breakfast in some famous cafeteria. Or visit exhibitions you’ve read about. Or watch a movie someone recommended to you. Whatever the items on your list, make sure to check as many as possible.


5. Call your loved ones back home…

Do you know what will make all of these feel even better? Sharing them with your family and friends back home in Cuba. So pick up the phone and call them. Because nothing compares to the special comfort and coziness that these conversations bring, right?