Best Valentine’s Day gift, when living abroad? Double international top ups.

Love is in the air…in US, Canada, Cuba and everywhere in this world! If you’ve had enough with the typical Valentines presents (teddy bears, chocolate boxes or flowers), offers you a great gift that will convey all your love to your Valentine: international top ups! And since we also love offering presents, we double the value of the top up you purchase.

The promotion “Double bonus + Cubans= Love” starts on February 10th and is valid until February 13th, so you have four whole days to surprise your loved one with this special gift, that will bring you two closer. The minimum value necessary to receive the bonus is $22 and in this case the bonus is active for 180 days, while the maximum is $55 and the bonus expires in 330 days.

And since you’ve been so caring, you also deserve a gift:

Thank You points: 2% of the value of the value purchased.

But you can rely on us for the rest of the year, as well, not on Valentine’s Day. What makes us a great solution for keeping a close relationship with everyone back home in Cuba, when you live abroad?

  • the customer-focused approach, based on safe and easy to use services

  • the special offers, offering bonuses or discounts on international calls

  • the great Customer Service available 24/7, both in English and Spanish.

Send a FREE SMS to let them know you recharged their mobile!

So, happy Valentine’s day and keep close to your loved ones: call them or send them top ups, so you can talk more often!