How to call Cuba faster from abroad!

When you are anxious to spread good news or just to hear the voice of someone you love, you want things to happen instantly. To help you place your international calls to Cuba easier, we designed three features that connect you to Cuba within seconds.

pinlessPINless dialing 

It’s the feature that allows you to make calls without ever entering a PIN number. It’s much faster than direct dialing and saves you a lot of time when placing long distance calls! You just have to add the phone number you call FROM. Don’t forget to use the format: country code + number.

voice promptsVoice prompts

It’s useful to always know your remaining balance, so you can know if you have to stick to what’s important or share long stories. But you can check your balance in your online account. By turning OFF the Voice Prompts, you skip the balance and minutes messages, which helps you call Cuba faster.

speed dialSpeed dial

You can also save time if you skip dialing the entire number, by enabling the Speed Dial feature. Assign your favorite number to a phone digit. Press the key to connect faster! You may add up to 99 favorite numbers.

Any other tip we may help you with? Yes, any moment is a good moment to call your family and friends living in Cuba. So…