$2 for FREE to call your mom in Cuba on Mother’s Day

 Mother’s Day is almost here. In case you’re still looking for that special gift to send your mom back in Cuba and find it difficult to choose it, given the distance, we’re here to help: call her! And we’re not only making a suggestion, we’re also helping you make it happen, with a special gift we’re offering you on Mother’s Day: $2 bonus on Voice Credit orders placed  until May 9th, so you may call your mom in Cuba on Mother’s Day.

The offer launched for Mother’s Day by HablaCuba.com is valid starting on May 7th until May 9th, for any Voice Credit order above $20. Three magical days to buy Voice Credit for international calls, get the bonus and call your mom.

Or you can wait until Mother’s Day and give her a call then. You are the one who knows her best, as she’s always been on your side, guiding you and supporting every step you make. Ever wonder why?! Maybe because that’s what motherhood is all about: unconditional love!

So at least once per year, we should acknowledge and be thankful for our mothers and their love. How can we do that?  A simple call can make wonders when living abroad. In fact, your voice might be the best gift you can offer her.

Making an international call to Cuba using HablaCuba.com is easier than you think! You just need to decide how you want to call:

  • from a mobile, landline or payphone;

  • using our FREE smartphone app or

  • from your computer.

If you’re more conservative: you can call Cuba from any landline, mobile or even payphone in the world, through our local or toll free access numbers.
If you’re a tech passionate, you can download for FREE our app called KeepCalling, available for iOS and Android. With our app, you can call Cuba without dialing any access number, and even any phone number at all. Once logged in the app, you can use your phone Contacts list to call.
Also, you may call from your own PC, if you have a good Internet connection, through the Web Call app available in your account.


However you decide to call, the rate to call Cuba stays the same: 69.9 ¢/min.

Things couldn’t be easier. Although, even they were hard, your mom is definitely worth every effort, isn’t she? Call her on Mother’s Day and let her know how much you love her.