It’s never too late to send a Doble Bono gift for Cubacel recharges

Did you forget to send a gift to your mom on Mother’s Day? No worries, it’s never too late. Sometimes the rhythm of everyday life is so fast-paced, that we forget things that are important to us and to our loved ones. But mom doesn’t mind, she never does. However, we can still surprise her and make her happy by sending not one, but two gifts. We took care of this, so we’re introducing you to our May Doble Bono offer on fresh Cubacel recharges.

Between May 12th-15th, you can double the value of all Cubacel international top ups you’re sending to your mom in Cuba. The minimum value necessary to receive the bonus is $22 and in this case the bonus is active for 180 days. If you select $55, the person in Cuba will get 100 CUC and the bonus will expire in 330 days.


Don’t worry! It takes less than 1 minute. You only need to:

  1. Select Cubacel
  2. Enter the mobile number from Cuba
  3. Continue with the payment details

As always, rewards you with 2% of the value of the purchase in Thank You points. Whenever you reach 1,000 Thank You points, they can be converted into $10 Voice Credit that you can use to call Cuba for free.

All our promotions are meant to help you and your family stay connected, no matter the distance that may separate you. This is exactly what our Doble bono promotion is trying to do every month: help you get in touch with your family and friends back in Cuba.

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In the meantime, save these dates: May 12th- May 15th, and enjoy the happiness that an unexpected gift may bring!