Why HablaCuba.com is the best choice for international calls to Cuba

We’re in a long-lasting relationship, but we’re always trying to keep the spark alive. Instead of flowers, we’re offering you discounts. Instead on anniversary gifts, we’re offering you monthly Doble Bono. So we could stay together for ever and ever. Or at least until you and and your family and friends get re-united.

From time to time, it’s useful to remember what brought us and kept us together and why you chose us instead of other services.

  • Because our mission itself is bringing you and your family and friends...

    …closer together, no matter the distance that may presently separate you. That’s why you may show people back home in Cuba that you miss them in two different ways, using the services we’ve developed:

    • by calling them, with our Voice Credit service for cheap international calls to Cuba;
    • by sending them international top ups, with our Mobile Recharge service, offering instant top ups and low transaction fees
  • Because of our easy-to-use service

    …and low rates for calling Cuba: only 69.9¢/min to call any mobile or landline. You can call :

    • from any phone, using access numbers
    • from any computer with an Internet connection through the Web Call application or
    • from any smartphone as HablaCuba.com offers a free app, for both iOS and Android devices, called KeepCalling. By using the free app, you can call by using your phone contacts as long as they are saved in international format.
  • Because of our monthly Doble Bono

    …that doubles the amount of the top up you’re sending to your loved ones in Cuba.

  • Because we repay your generosity

    … and offer you 2% of the value of the purchase in Thank You points. Whenever you reach 1000 Thank You points, you may convert them into $10 balance for your international calls to Cuba or any other destination.

And the list could go on, but we’re letting you discover us step by step, as we’re constantly re-inventing ourselves to keep you by our side.