Honk, honk! Your doble bono from Cubacel is here!

Did you order a Doble Bono? It’s here. This month, the offer is even faster than a Cuban cocotaxi, as it arrives just before the end of the month: on April 21st.

A ride with Cocotaxi is part of great Cuban traditions. And we believe traditions bring people together, no matter where they are. And since most traditions come once per year, Cubacel and us invented a tradition that happens once a month. So, the good Doble Bono tradition is back, allowing you to offer double of your international top ups sent to Cubacel mobiles.

The offer is valid starting on April 21st until April 24th. “Doble bono” means  double the airtime sent to your family and friends back in Cuba, for the same amount. Thus, you may recharge a mobile in Cuba with 40 CUC and pay only $22. The minimum value necessary to receive the bonus is $22 and in this case the bonus is active for 180 days, while the maximum is $55 and the bonus expires in 330 days. So, why wait?!

And since good traditions always have multiple ways of celebration, we always reward the sender, applying an extra bonus for each mobile recharge. Thus, you’ll receive 2% of the value of the purchase in Thank You points. Whenever you reach 1,000 Thank You points, they can be converted into $10 Voice Credit that they can use to call Cuba for free. The mobile recharge process is easy, it takes less than 1 minute and the credit is sent instantly to the destination number.

So, don’t forget: April 21st- April 24th, four whole days to enjoy Doble Bono.

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