Top 5 things Cuba is famous for

We know, you would start the list with the names of your loves living back home in Cuba. We would do that too, but then we would write a whole article filled with beautiful names. So, we’ll leave this article for you and we’ll stick to the things Cuba is famous for internationally.

Weather you were born in Cuba, your best friend is Cuban or you spent one amazing week there, you surely talked at least once about:

  • Cuba libre

    The origins of this magical drink remain a mystery. The only certainties are that this cocktail was first sipped in Cuba and it became one of the most popular drinks in the whole world. The year it was born? 1900. “Cuba Libre!” was the battle cry of the Cuba Liberation Army during the war of independence that ended in 1898.

  • Cigars

    Cuban cigars… everybody knows them. A great companion and a source of inspiration! Even for non-smokers, the Cuban cigars are a symbol of great quality cigars. Also known as “the forbidden fruit” due to their flavor, Cuban cigars are greatly appreciated by the connoisseurs and not only…

  • Coco taxi

    Two seats, three wheels, and a coconut-shaped body. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Coco taxi. It reminds you of the Flintstone’s car, but it fascinates everyone with the fun and interesting experience it has to offer.

  • Baseball

    One of the most played sports in Cuba, baseball has a long and great history behind. First brought to Cuba around 1860 by Cubans who had studied abroad and US sailors who ported in the country, nowadays, Cuba has many great and talented major league baseball players.

  • Doble bono

    Cuba is also well known for strong family bonds. That’s why another thing Cuba is famous for is Doble bono. A Cubacel Doble Bono doubles the value of the international mobile recharge you offered as as gift to your family and friends back home. Basically, when you recharge a Cubacel mobile with $22, the Doble Bono offer sends to that particular mobile 40 CUC. Each month, for a limited period of time, helps you recharge a mobile in Cuba with 40CUC and pay only $22. Or if you want to be more generous, you may send 100 CUC and pay only $55. Stay tuned, Doble bono is on the way.