How does Nauta work?

Internet is winning new territories in Cuba and the Cubans are more and more fascinated by the great new world the Internet reveals. News, useful information… these all improve Cubans’ everyday life and, most importantly, they open new channels of communication. The Internet also offers Cuban families and friends which are currently separated by distance, great new opportunities to stay connected. Plus, cherry on top, they can keep in touch and pay less than the standard rate for international calls to Cuba.

The Internet service in Cuba is called Nauta and here is what someone who wants to use the Internet needs to do in order to benefit from the advantages the Internet era has to offer.

First, they need to open a Nauta account. To do this, they must submit an application to any Etecsa office, based on their ID card. They will pay 2 CUC. The application may be submitted in person or via fax and/ or email.

Next, they will get an account name (ex: and a password.

Then, all they need to do is find an access point and connect with their account name and password. Here is the list of places WiFi public spaces.

And this is where the fun begins! Surfing the web, talking to people, everything is now one click away.

The cost:

In Cuba, Internet is charged differently, depending on the content users access, ranging from $1.5 – $2 per hour. is here to help you offer your loved ones back home the gift of staying online.