Celebrate Cuba 3 days in a row: $5 bonus for your international calls ? to Cuba

A bit of history On October 10, 1868, the sugar mill owner Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and his followers proclaimed independence, beginning the conflict. This was the first of three liberation wars that Cuba fought against Spain, the other two being the Little War (1879–1880) and the Cuban War of Independence (1895–1898). Our three days […]

For the first time in history, HablaCuba.com launches Dia del Corazon Latino

Hard working, family-oriented, passionate about cooking and in love with good jokes. And these are only some of the qualities latinos are known for. To celebrate the great things latinos and especially Cubans, brought to this world, HablaCuba.com sets an official celebration, proclaimimg October 15th as “Dia del Corazon latino”, for the first time in […]

Calling or texting Cuba? What do Cuban expats prefer?

A call is real time, it only takes seconds to get on the same page with the person you’re calling. Or hours, it’s only up to you. Short stories, long stories, they all find their perfect place during a phone call. But what about a funny or love message, received on a rainy, cold day? […]

Super Bono for Cubacel mobiles. Send it twice as fast!

The Super Bono for Cubacel goes hand in hand with saving time. The faster, the better we might add. This month the Super Bono for Cubacel offer is back in town offering 30 CUC free extra credit for any mobile recharge sent to Cuba between September 21-25.   How can you get more Super Bonuses? […]

HablaCuba.com reviews: customers’ wall of love :)

Curious to see what the other Cuban expats using our services think about us? Here are a few of their thoughts, published on HablaCuba.com reviews page you may find on TrustPilot.com:   ***** Maxine A: HablaCuba.com is an excellent and economical way to top up Cuban cell phones. Once a month, HablaCuba.com has a special […]

5 things Cuban expats should try after moving abroad

Moving abroad and changing entirely your life may be both challenging and rewarding. There is no perfect recipe for a quick and easy adaptation for Cuban expats, but there are things that you may try to make more smooth your transition from Cuba to US or Canada  or any country you chose for starting all over […]

Top 5 FAQ on international calls to Cuba

Questions? We got you covered! Here is a short Q&A guide that will make easier for you the process of placing international calls to Cuba. 1. How to call? To place an international call to Cuba, tienes que marcar +53, es el código internacional del país de Cuba seguido por el código de ciudad (si […]

In the mood for more than Doble Bono for Cubacel recharges?

We took care of this and launched another Super bonus campaign for Cubacel recharges: for every top up between 20 CUC and 50 CUC, you will receive an additional 30 CUC credit to be applied to the main balance. What does that mean? For every 20 CUC sent, your friend or family member back home […]

How to call Cuba faster from abroad!

When you are anxious to spread good news or just to hear the voice of someone you love, you want things to happen instantly. To help you place your international calls to Cuba easier, we designed three features that connect you to Cuba within seconds. PINless dialing  It’s the feature that allows you to make […]

Top 5 skills Cuban expats need abroad

Moving abroad is not always easy, as there are many challenges rising every day. Starting from not having close by the people your life revolved around to the new lifestyles you discover in the new world you chose as “home”. For Cuban expats, due to their adventurous spirit, eagerness to learn and risk-taking attitude, things […]