Your loved ones from Cuba can now send you text messages

On December 8, Etecsa authorized Cubans to send text messages to the United States. It’s a major communication breakthrough, being lifted a restriction that was very upsetting for more than 2 million Cubans living in the United States and their family and friends back home.

The announcement also mentions that the $0.60 charge for sending messages to the US is similar to other international destinations.

For sending text messages to the United States, the user must, at the time of entering the telephone number, dial, the “+” sign, the United States country code, 1, the local area code and the cellular number.

For instance:
“+” + 1 + 702 (Las Vegas code) + mobile number

So one new communication channel is now available for you and your loved ones back home. It’s still not very affordable, but it’s useful and you can always rely on it when it comes to getting in touch urgently and you can’t call or the person you want to reach cannot answer your call. A short message works magic.

Thus, the mobile recharges you are sending to Cuba, especially during Cubacel promos, can now be used by the recipient both for calls and for texts. This way homesickness can be more easily healed and keeping in touch becomes easier than ever. Things are heading toward normality and our hopes and dreams can all come true!