Triple Bono, the best Christmas gift for Cubacel recharges

December has come and with it all the joy of Christmas. And although it sometimes seems that the holiday season is more about buying, we still feel that surprising our loved ones with gifts brings us most joy. To help Cubans who live abroad send nice surprises this Christmas, Cubacel promo has extra-powers this month:

Triple bono:
20 CUC = 60 CUC (40 CUC bonus)
40 CUC = 120 CUC (80 CUC bonus)
60 CUC = 180 CUC (120 CUC bonus)

More than doblo bono:
25 CUC = 65 CUC (40 CUC bonus)
30 CUC = 70 CUC (40 CUC bonus)
50 CUC = 120 CUC (80 CUC bonus)

How does that sound? Just like a Christmas miracle…

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