4 old-school New Year Cuban Superstitions

Growing up Cuban also means traditions and superstitions passed down from one generation to another. Some of them seem now silly, but they are all part of who we are and make us stronger as culture, as people. From not letting a broom touch your feet when sweeping the floor because that’d mean you wouldn’t get married to midnight snacks on New Year Eve, they all have their charm and magical touch which makes us feel closer to home, to our beloved Cuba.

Here are 4 New year superstitions we love the most:

1. Walk around with a suitcase.

Reach for your maleta and make sure at midnight you run around a block with it. Every since I started doing this, I started traveling more and more each year. This year, I literally lived on a plane and went to Paris, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and across the United States to places I had never seen before. You might look crazy doing it, but you’ll become a jet-setter!

2. Grapes

At precisely midnight, you will eat all 12 grapes, representing each of the 12 months of the new year, making a wish with each one. Pace yourself. You can do it.

3. And Sidra…

Quickly wash the grapes down with the sidra. Fine. Use champagne if you must. Or even Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. But do it! This has to be accomplished in the first minute of the new year. No pressure.

7. Throwing a Bucket of Water out a Window

Old funny tradition: you can throw a bucket of water out of your door or window to signify renewal. Extra points if someone who slighted you in the last year is standing below. Just kidding…