Top 5 most famous Cuban symbols

Ask anyone in the entire world if he or she wanted to visit Cuba  and you can definitely guess the answer: an enthusiastic Yes. Let’s go further and see the reasons beyond this enthusiasm. Should the wonderful Cuban landscapes be the reason? Or the friendly people? Or the great music which inspires everyone and invades the soul with good mood? Or the delicious Cuban cuisine, which tastes like Heaven, if Heaven had a taste. So here are top 5 famous Cuban symbols people usually associate Cuba with.

Vintage cars
Visitors to Cuba return with stories of the fabulous old Fifties American cars. Some of these cars seem so old that you wonder if they still work. But it’s amazing to look at how they are proudly and fiercely rolling as cabs on Havana’s streets. They create a local charm you easily fell in love with and this makes the vintage cars one of the most powerful Cuban symbols.

Cuban cigar 
“If I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go,” Mark Twain famously once said. He must have visited Cuba and discovered the elegance and refinery of the Habano. Throughout time, the Cuban cigar became the personification of the sophisticated, well-groomed gentlemen and even a symbol of the elite. This is why, as centuries went by, more people tend to have in mind the Cuban cigars when they think of Cuba.

Cuba libre
Nobody actually knows the origins of Cuba Libre. The only certainty is that this cocktail was first sipped in Cuba. The year? 1900. 1900 is generally said to be the year that cola first came to Cuba, introduced to the island by American troops. But “Cuba Libre!” was the battle cry of the Cuba Liberation Army during the war of independence that ended in 1898. Now, it is the famous drink that people enjoy all over the world, as a homage to Cubans’ great tastes. ;)

The beaches 
The natural beauty of Cuba made the island a place people dream of when thinking about the best place to spend their honeymoon or, generally, their vacation. God blessed Cuba with amazing beaches, caressed by a generous sun most of the year.

Strong family relationships
We have to admit, this is our entry, because we think that this is also one of the things Cuba should be famous for. Why did we add it? Because we know how often you call your loved ones back in Cuba after you moved abroad and how often you think of them and send them international top ups and Nauta recharges.