Who’s on your nice or naughty list this Christmas?

We are not asking if you’ve been naughty or nice this year, as we believe you’ve been nice. And we’re not just saying that, we have at least to arguments: You called often your family and friends from Cuba and you always know what’s new back home: which cousin gets married, which neighbour has a children, […]

Christmas presents for Cubans worldwide: $2 or $10 bonus for longer international calls to Cuba

The Christmas presents for Cuban expats arrive earlier this year: on December 17th and lasts until December 19th. How does this gift work? Like baking a pie for all your loved ones. HablaCuba.com offers two special bonuses: You add: 3 cups of kindness 2 pounds of love a pinch of magic 1-2 smiles a handful […]

Curious to see who’s on Cubans’ Christmas list?

Throughout the year, Cubans worldwide have always showed their generosity and how much they love their family and friends living in Cuba. So, why would Christmas be different? Well, it isn’t! We’ve asked Cubans for whom they will be playing Santa this year and guess who was on the top of the list? Family! Because […]

Early Christmas gifts: triple Cubacel bonus and a Facebook contest

We are not asking you if you’ve been naughty or nice this year! We bet you were nice! And we bet your family and friends back in Cuba were also nice. Without further ado, here is your Christmas gift: triple Cubacel bonus for all top ups sent to Cuba mobiles. The triple bonus comes down the HablaCuba.com page, […]

Top 7 most amazing places in Cuba

One of the things we love the most when living outside our mother country is remembering the good old times… But how about the good old places? The beautiful old buildings in the Cuban cities, the cobbled squares in Havana’s World Heritage-listed Old Town, the amazing beaches… Here are 7 of the most amazing places […]

5 reasons why Cuban expats use HablaCuba for calls to Cuba & Cubacel mobile recharges

Every 10 minutes, a new customer joins HablaCuba.com. But what convinces them to use our service and not choose another one? We all know there are a dozen of similar providers that offer international calls to Cuba and many other options for Cubacel top ups. So, what marks the difference between HablaCuba.com and the fierce […]

Your triple bonus for international top ups to Cuba is served

How is your appetite today? We are talking about your appetite for surprising your loved ones… And we’re not asking questions in vain, as we have great news for you:! Starting November 16th until November 20th you may send not simple, not double, but triple Cubacel recharges to your loved ones back in Cuba. For […]

CONTEST: send 30 CUC for FREE + Cubacel Super Bono

Super Bono for Cubacel recharges is just around the corner and will be available for all Cuban expats who want to send a top up to Cuba between November 16-20, 2015. But, before you jump at the opportunity to send more than DOUBLE or TRIPLE, why not try to WIN a Mobile Recharge in value […]

Find out how much you can save on international calls to Cuba

We all love savings! That’s why Black Friday was invented! But can you imagine Black Friday every day? With HablaCuba.com, you have great rates, so can save on international calls to Cuba every single day. We don’t want you to take our word for it, because now you have a tool: it’s called Savings calculator. […]

Top 8 amazing facts about Cuba

There are thousands of reasons for which we love Cuba. After moving abroad, our thoughts revolve around our loved ones, our families and friends still living in Cuba. But in case you can’t tell people about your great childhood stories or the fun you used to have back home, how do you describe how amazing […]