Christmas is fast approaching, magic is in the air, but you know all that… And since balancing busy schedules with budgets and shopping is no easy task, we’re here to help you cross off your list of gifts for your family and friends back home in Cuba. Starting December 6 until December your Cubacel top ups get a GB boost. How does that sound for December?

Terms and Conditions apply, as usual:

– Participant denominations: From CUP 500 to CUP 1250.
– The Promotional bonuses will be activated at the moment the customer receives the top up.
– These bonuses are valid for 30 days, counted from receipt of the top up. The main amount of the recharge does maintain the established validity period (330 days).
– The GB vouchers cannot be transferred to another cell line, it is only for the consumption of the line that was recharged. They can only transfer the main amount of the top up.
– Customers who have current DATA plans (all networks and LTE) and acquire this new offer, will have the expiration date extended to 30 days, counted from receipt of the top up, with expiration time 23:59 hours Cuba.
– Customers who have valid BONUSES of data from previous promotions and acquire this new offer, will be accumulated with the corresponding bonus for this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the date of receipt of the top up.
– Customers who have valid Dinero BONUS, SMS and/or Minutes, from previous promotions, will NOT have the expiration date extended.
– As soon as the promotional top up is valid, this offer automatically establishes a priority in the discount and it will always be discounted:
Daily Bag (if any)
Mail Bag (if any)
Data Bonus (.cu)
Data Bonus (LTE)
Data Bonus (International)
Balance Bonus (according to current rate)
LTE data packets
Active combined data plans all networks
Main Balance (according to current rate)
If, after having extended the validity of the plans, the client decides to buy another plan, in this case the one with the lowest effective date will be discounted first.

How to use the data wisely?

We know this information is more useful for your family and friends that receive the top up, but maybe you can let them know what to do to make the most of your gift.
It’s a good idea to regularly monitor your usage because the amount of data used by new devices, apps, and activities will vary. For that, there are data usage management tools helping you to avoid exceeding your data allowance.
There are also tools that alert you if your data usage reaches a predetermined level—and at least one app that actually turns off your data service just before you go over your limit. To find these kinds of apps, do an online search for keywords “mobile data usage monitoring apps.” As easy as that.