Have you heard? ‘Tis the season! The season to be thankful, the season to be generous, the season to put behind this year and start new. Who are we kidding? It’s been rough. It made us take a deep look inside and see what matters most for us. We had to analyze the worst scenarios and find a glimpse of hope that would help us in our journey. And it’s not over yet, we still need to hang onto that hope, now we can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, holiday mood on, hope button enabled and let’s take a look at some creative, pocket friendly gift options that would make your family and friends happier and more cheerful.

Board games

Board games have become one of the best “excuses” for organizing a social event on weekends or just to make any night one hard to forget. They grew in popularity over the last few years (true, the pandemic stopped a bit the increase), there’s a game for every taste, ranging from classic Monopoly to more exotic fare set against the vast backdrop of the cosmos.


The classical “There’s an app for everything” is now complemented by “There’s a subscription for everything”. From the traditional Netflix to online cooking classes, beer subscription or even socks subscriptions. Start them off with a monthly membership or if you have more money to spend, opt for the annual subscription.

Christmas sweaters

We don’t find them ugly and probably some of you agree with us and find a cute and comfortable Christmas outfit may be a great gift. Either they’ll use it for a party or just to get extra festive while they watch their favorite holiday movies, the beneficiary will appreciate it.

Homesick scented candle

Cntraveler.com lists them as one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts and we agree with them, ‘cause what would make you smile more than a smell that would take you instantly back home? Creative, filled with nostalgia and love at the same time, right?

DIY kits

Check your list. Look closer! You have at least one DIYer there, right? So, for those who can build a deck from scratch or like to grout tile for fun—a DIY kit allows its recipient to venture into an awesome crafting experience. No need to go that big, you can start small and see where creativity takes you (and them).

That being said, you know what to do next to be fully ready for Christmas! In the meantime, don’t forget about our Christmas surprises: check out your email and our Facebook page. Happy holidays!