After leaving Cuba and moving abroad, the best moment to visit it is “now”, no matter the season, no matter the reason. Going back and seeing your family and friends is more valuable than some pricey trip to an exotic destination. The soul knows what it wants and connection is most important for Cubans…
However, for those people lured to Cuba by the promise of sun-kissed beaches, colourful colonial towns and beautiful mountain landscapes, experts say that the best time to visit Cuba is… November! And here is why:

Great wheather

The dry season finally arrives in November, bringing heaps of sunshine and agreeable temperatures.The rains of summer fade away (although occasional rains are still possible), and temperatures dip into the Goldilocks zone! Expect average temperatures of 75°F (24°C) and an average maximum of 84°F (29°C) in Havana, and two or three degrees more in Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba and other cities of Oriente.
The exception is Baracoa, which receives its highest rainfall of the year in the winter months (October, November, December), and the rain can bucket down at this time of year. Elsewhere, however, this is a wonderful time to visit.

Airy, breezy…

The number of visitors to Cuba picks up considerably by late November, although peak season won’t begin for another month as snowbirds arrive from Canada and northern Europe for vacations in Varadero and other beach resorts. During the peak season, the all-inclusive resorts become crowded and noisy, so November is the perfect time to enjoy the natural beauties, sit back and relax.

Decent prices

And what goes well with less crowded places? Convenient prices! Hotel rates and airfares both rise, and many of the most popular lodgings can fill by late November. Early planning is essential for this month.

What to do, once you get there? put together a short list of things to do when visiting Cuba in November

  • Try Cuban Street Food
  • People Watch in Plaza Vieja
  • Explore the Island by Bike
  • Swim in a Cenote

Plenty of things to do, when the beaches and restaurants are less crowded and the prices are not spicy.